M – Permanent Makeup Liquid Brow Pigment Set Haus of Colors Collection – Seven Colors Powder Brows

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  • ✅PREMIUM QUALITY – Professional medical grade pigment of excellent quality which gives perfect eyebrow powder brows color. Pigment color that is stable and your results will not fade to different colors, only lighter versions of the original color.
  • ✅MEDICAL GRADE – Our medical grade pigment is completely safe for you and there are no harmful effects and contain only pure, safe and non-irritant colorants.
  • ✅LONG LASTING RESULTS – Mellie Microblading has thousands of trusted clients and our pigment is proven to give long lasting results of up to 18 months if done by a professional with the right technique.
  • ✅NO MIXING REQUIRED – Unlike other pigments, Mellie microblading pigments are easy to use and do not required to be mixed before use. However, you may mix our colors to achieve a more desirable color of your choice. To achieve a more desirable consistency and color, our Liquid pigment can be mixed with our Semi-Cream pigment.
  • ✅MACHINE USE ONLY: Our liquid pigment is recommended for machine use only to achieve desirable results.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, Glycerin,Water, Witch Hazel INCI:77266