MERAKI II Permanent Makeup Wireless/Cordless Tattoo Machine Version 2.0 – Includes 2 Lithium Batteries – 1 Box 1RL Cartridge – 5 Speed – Uses M3 Or Intelli Needle Cartridge

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Compatible Needle Cartridges

Intelli Needle Cartridge 

Intelli Needle Cartridge With Membrane 

M3 Needle Cartridge 

M3 Needle Cartridge With Membrane 

  • ❇️ WIRELESS (CORDLESS) – Machine with powerful lithium battery. Also comes with a back up battery.
  • ❇️ BATTERY LIFE: Approx. ~ 3 hours on a full charge to allow you more than enough time to effortlessly work on a client
  • ❇️ QUIET OPERATION: Machine is very efficient and very low noise
  • ❇️ ADJUSTABLE SPEED – 5 Speed control & needle adjustment
  • ❇️ HIGH QUALITY: Made with Aircraft Aluminium Alloy and is used worldwide by Masters & Trainer for Permanent Makeup

What’s in the box:

1 Cordless Merkari II Permanent Makeup Machine with lithium battery

1 Charger & Adapter

1 Box of 10 1RL Needle Cartridge

1 Back up lithium battery


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