U18 .18mm/5R PACK OF 10 Blade & Shade Mellie Microblading Disposable Pen 2 IN 1 – Sterilized Blades – Comfortable Silicone Grip With Pigment Sponge (U18 .18mm/5R)

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✅PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BLADES  – Each of our premium-quality microblading disposable pens feature safe and professionally designed blades that are the perfect sharpness for eyebrow microblading.

✅COMPLETELY STERLIZED & DISPOSABLE – To ensure the complete safety of those you work on with our manual tattoo microblading pens, we’ve completely sterilized each one with EO gas, packaged them in airtight packing, and made them entirely disposable.

✅PACK OF 10 MICROBLADING PENS – Each set comes with 10 of our individually packaged U-shape microblading tools. Each package having the lot number and expiration date printed right onto it. We also provide a sterilization report upon request.

✅2 IN 1 DUAL BLADE | BLADE & SHADE: Our new 2 IN 1 dual blade disposable pen with U18 .18mm on one side and 5R shading blade on the other will give artists and master the option to do both nano hair strokes and manual shading with one disposable pen. Simply pull out the blade adapter, switch side and insert it back into the pen.

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